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Fall 2021 Newsletter

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Check out our Newsletter to see what has been happening at Interval House.

Interval House continues to be a safe and healthy place for them to go while they break down barriers and start new lives full of hope and possibility.

Thank you to all our generous donors, supporters and community partners. You have helped us implement extraordinary measures to make sure Interval House is safe from COVID-19. And we proud to report that we’ve had zero cases.

This is only possible because our generous donors that gave us the ability to quickly adjust our procedures, move most of our in-person programming online, and more recently – as you’ll read about in our most recent newsletter create isolation suites in our shelter for residents who may need a safe place to quarantine.

Spring 2021 Newsletter

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Check out our Interval House Newsletter see what has been happening at Interval House.

Violence against women is at crisis levels across the country. Even before the pandemic, a woman was killed by her intimate partner every six days. Now 1 in 10 women are very concerned about the possibility of violence in the home during COVID-19.

The Federal Government has released a Joint Declaration for a Canada free of Gender-Based Violence.  Although, this is a step in the right direction, we need action now.

The global pandemic has created more isolation, economic stress, and widened the already-dangerous gender inequalities in Canada. Isolation has further put thousands of women, girls, trans, non-binary and BIPOC people at an all-time high risk of violence at home.

Women are suffering at home at the hands of their abusers right now.

That’s why Interval House stands with women’s organizations and shelters across Canada to call for a national action plan – immediately.

2020 Impact Report

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Thank you, to all of our donors, supporters and community partners, for your support and unwavering dedication to ending intimate partner violence and helping survivors rebuild their lives.

Your generosity and compassion this past year have been absolutely vital. You are a true lifeline to women who have been cut off from the world and trapped with their abusers because of the pandemic. There is so much to share with you about everything you have helped us achieve. Behind each number is a life YOU have changed.

Check out our 2020 Impact Report see what has been happening at Interval House.

Why do you support Interval House? We’d love to hear why you choose to support Interval House and why helping women who have experienced intimate partner violence is important to you.

Please complete this quick supporter survey.

Not Always Happily Ever After

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Before her wedding day, a bride-to-be imagines the moment she’s dreamed about. She pores over photos and gathers ideas. She diligently makes to-do lists, crossing items off with satisfaction. Flower arrangements. Seating plan. Dress fittings. She places items on a registry—everything she’ll need for her new life.

Tragically, at some point after the big day, the bride discovers she is trapped in a cycle of violence and finds herself desperately making a list she never imagined. Escape plan. Untraceable cell phone. Emergency shelterRead More

The Broken Bride Registry: not every bride lives happily ever after.

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Wedding Vision

The Dream: A romantic proposal, the perfect dress, floral arrangements, a beautiful home and happily ever after.

The Reality: For some women, their wedding day marks an escalation of abuse. Interval House, Canada’s first shelter for abused women and their children, provides a safe space for women and children and helps them rebuild their lives, free from violence.

A Registry No Bride Should Need

The sad reality is that many women report that abuse escalates as soon as they get married. In this symbolic registry, we imagine the items that a woman trapped in violence might need. Read More

From Impossible to Infinity: Anna’s Story

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Anna* didn’t know what to expect when she walked into Interval House the night her husband’s violence became unbearable.

She’d escaped her house—a place that no longer felt like home—where she had locked herself in a room, climbed out of a window, and ran.

Anna’s husband had been chasing her with a knife, swearing he would kill her. It was the most terrifying event in his escalating violence since their move to Canada. Read More

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