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New study by Interval House shows 37% of Ontarians blame victims for not leaving abuse

1 in 6 Canadians reveal their Mother was a Victim of Domestic Abuse

Are Ontarians Apathetic to Domestic Violence?

Interval House in the News


CityNews Video: New provision allows domestic abuse victims to break rental leases

TheStar: Ontario housing benefit to aid women fleeing domestic violence

First private sector-sponsored housing program for abused women set to expand Domestic Violence Poll Uncovers Concerning Insights About Way Many Ontarians Think

CityNews: Study by Interval House reveals massive victim blaming

680 News: Nearly half of Ontario men believe victims of abuse are to blame

Metro News: Poll measures attitudes on abuse


Global News: Reaction to sexual misconduct in the military comments by Gen. Tom Lawson

Global News: Toronto man, 51, charged with murder in death of ex-girlfriend

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The Sarnia Observer: Quarter of Ontarians blame victims of domestic violence: Poll

Global News: Nearly a quarter of Ontarians still blame victims of domestic abuse

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CTV News: One in three men blame victims of domestic abuse, poll finds

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Sun News: The ugly side of technology (OFFLINE)

The Star: Toronto woman's troubles turned around by unique housing program

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Globe & Mail: Will the dialogue about abuse translate into financial support?

Upworthy: Watch this Video to the Very End. I am Glad I did. 

CNN: Interval House interviewed for feature story: “Meredith Vieira explains #whyIstayed 

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CityTV: Women’s shelter creates alternate ending for infamous Ray Rice elevator video

Fast Company: This elevator video for a women’s shelter has a better ending than that other elevator video

Metro: Women’s shelter creates alternate version of Ray Rice Elevator video

680 News: Women’s shelter creates alternate ending for infamous Ray Rice elevator video

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CBC News: September 19th commentary on Ray Rice controversy

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The Globe and Mail: Shelter ad warns about high-tech abuse

Global News: Canadian women’s shelter launches ‘high tech abuse’ awareness campaign

Fast Company: Your friendly iPhone is a tool for domestic abuse in new PSA


The Star: Ontario’s rent supplement program to change

The Star: Rent supplements urged to help women escaping domestic violence


The Elevator Video that should have gone viral 

Technology has changed but violence against women hasn’t