Interval House Gratitude Report 2014

YOU are the lights in
the windows...

Thank you, our cherished donors, for your amazing support of Interval House.

We created this storybook for you, telling you the story of Interval House through Jack’s eyes and drawings. Kids like Jack come to us confused, sad, and sometimes angry. And our Children’s Counsellors work with them to express their feelings and emotions in a safe, positive way.

Art group and storytelling are among our most powerful and important creative tools in our work with children, and it seemed like a beautiful way to celebrate your impact and share this story with you in a new light.

Little by little, day by day, in their own time, kids like Jack build trust, confidence, love. They shine when their mum smiles.

You are the light in the windows because you also show kids that it’s not just Interval House that is a safe physical space. You help kids create safe places in their lives and in their hearts. And you remind them that the spirit of Interval House will go with them when they leave our home, because there are loving, caring, nurturing, amazing people like you in their neighbourhoods and across our community.