Interval House Gratitude Report 2014

Message from Our Board Chair Renée Weekes

You are indeed the lights in the windows, providing a safe, nurturing place for families in crisis. And your support provides hope to women and children when they most desperately need it. Thank you for your vital support of Interval House. You help provide emergency shelter, lifechanging counselling and support programs, and help families leave violence behind them forever. And, as I hope you can see in this story,

you also light up lives in a softer, more subtle way—helping kids like Jack realize that it is not only our home that is a safe place, but that mom is a safe place, and our community is a safe place filled with people who care. Your light helps guide kids along a positive path, away from the darkness of family violence and towards a place of hope and positivity. Thank you for being the light in our windows!

Message from Our Executive Directors Lesley Ackrill, Nadine Chan and Arlene McCalla

From our home to yours, and our hearts to yours, we hope you enjoy Jack’s story. This story was inspired by the artwork of some of the children living here today. Our Children’s Counsellors work with kids on collages, paintings, sculptures and stories about their future homes, their forever homes. A trend we saw over the last few years is that children are coming to us younger and younger, so finding creative ways to help them express complex emotions is a critical part of our work every day. Jack’s story references group outings, which are a vital part of our children’s program. Kids in abusive homes are often isolated from their neighbours and their community. With your generous support, we take families to art galleries, movies and other attractions, in

addition to playing at local parks, which helps them explore their community with confidence and joy. And Jack references BESS, our Building Economic Self-Sufficiency program. Women learn to write a resume and cover letter, hone their job search skills, prepare for an interview and learn ways to balance work and parenting as they move beyond Interval House. And, just as important, they connect with other women just like them. Thank you for being the lights in the windows. Because of you, women and children move on from Interval House and become the lights in the windows for another family, living a life free from violence. And that is what makes your support truly precious. Thank you.