Shelter Life

Interval House opens our doors 1 or 2 new families escaping violence each month. Almost ¾ of the children staying at our home are under 10.

Our home has 12 bedrooms – some family suites and some single rooms. On any given day, we can accommodate 30 women and children. Whatever you imagine about living in a shelter, women in our home are overjoyed to be sleeping in a safe bed within arm’s reach of their children. Each family does their own laundry and keeps their bedroom tidy. We provide all basic necessities like food, clothing, toiletries, emergency medicine and baby needs. We also have a dedicated, accessible room for families with special needs.

In our home, everyone takes a turn cooking, everyone helps with cleaning and we all eat together. Our kitchen is noisy and active – in some ways it is the heart of our home – and you can hear talking and laughter there every day. Families share their food, and share their stories.