Housing & Resettlement Services

The final step in each family’s journey to freedom is our Transitional Housing and Resettlement Program support. Our Transitional Housing and Resettlement Program helps women in the shelter and from the community find safe, affordable housing. Our Resettlement Coordinator works with each family and provides support finding subsidized housing, private marketing housing or advice on handling housing issues.

There are 3 components to our Housing and Resettlement Services:

The Housing Project

Interval House has established partnerships with Minto Management Limited, Canadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (CAP REIT) and Great West Life Realty Advisors, and together we provide rent geared to income apartments to selected participants from our Building Economic Self-Sufficiency (B.E.S.S.) program.

Women are given a safe home in a safe neighbourhood at below-market rate for a one-year period. Our participants receive counselling and home visits from us to ensure a smooth transition.

 Housing Workshops

We also offer housing workshops, focusing on:

  • Housing realities
  • Housing rights and responsibilities 
  • Housing options, including Special Priority Program, market housing, social housing, non-profit housing, co-ops and affordable rent-geared housing units
  • Effective housing searches
  • Financial assistance 
  • Housing maintenance and landlord relations including getting repairs done, managing costs and rules regarding rent increases
  • Eviction Prevention
  • Moving, including rules regarding breaking a lease, affordable movers and furniture banks

Resettlement Services

We help women find and move into an apartment, and we give them maps of their new neighbourhood, showing daycare and community centres, walk-in clinics and 24-hour transit lines.
Interval House has a Household Boutique, containing small appliances and household goods to help women make their new house feel like a home.

And we celebrate! We have resident reunions twice per year – a holiday party and a summer picnic. Families reconnect, draw support from each other and celebrate their journey to freedom.