“My experience here at Interval House was nothing short of life changing. I leaned the skills necessary to cope with my personal issues and how to prepare for the world mentally and physically for myself and my children. At the end of the program, I was able to look at life more positively, I regained my self-esteem knowing that I was better equipped to cope with whatever life throws at me, because I had the confidence in my ability to do it. I am a different person today.” – Melanie, B.E.S.S. Graduate

Our B.E.S.S. program provides women with the tools to rebuild, reinvent and transform their lives by facilitating access to education, training, financial and housing assistance, and other practical solutions.

B.E.S.S. is part of our holistic approach to healing – we give women customized training and skills; they gain confidence and independence. 

In our 2-week B.E.S.S. workshop, women complete a skills inventory, learn to write a resume and cover letter, conduct a job search, prepare for an interview and develop life skills like balancing work and parenting. We recognize and confront specific barriers that abused women experience: isolation, gaps in their resume and low self-esteem.

During the workshops, women access our Career Boutique, where they receive work clothes to start their career wardrobe and wear to job interviews. Suits of all sizes are donated by professional women from the community.

After completing the B.E.S.S. program, participants can work with our Job Developer who helps them design and execute a career plan, find and maintain employment, and provides much-needed support in making the transition into the workforce.

B.E.S.S. is not exclusive to residents of Interval House – the program is open to all women survivors of partner abuse. In addition to self referrals, B.E.S.S. welcomes referrals from other agencies working with women survivors of partner abuse who are ready to make a change. For more information, you can email bess@intervalhouse.ca or call us at 416-924-1411 Ext. 235.