Your Impact in 2015

2015 Impact Report image.jpg

The beginning of a New Year is time for celebration and looking forward, but it’s also a time for reflection. While goal setting and New Years resolutions are great ways to put careful consideration into milestones and achievements, the step of reminiscing and reflecting often falls by the wayside. It’s so easy to focus on the things that didn’t pan out as hoped, or the things that didn’t go according to plan, but there’s a great power and strength to be gained from celebrating the wins – no matter how big or little.

At Interval House, our vision of a world without violence against women may at times seem very far away. But we still have wonderful achievements to reflect on and use as motivation to keep inspiring the work we do. In 2015, staff at Interval House answered 441 crisis calls, from women in a desperate situation, seeking some kind of help. We were fortunate enough to house 77 women with their 94 children, who all brought life to the walls of our home, filling it with their energy and spirit. We are grateful for our oldest resident, who was courageous enough to leave her abuser at the age of 77, teaching us that it’s never too late for a second chance.

We are inspired and touched by the 143 hours of women’s group that took place, where women opened up and shared their experiences, bringing them together in a bond of sisterhood, and encouraging one another to have the strength to begin again. We are proud of the 39 women who graduated from the BESS program, taking the steps to educate themselves on being self-sufficient and securing employment opportunities. We are joyous at the celebration of 14 children’s birthdays, an opportunity to show each child that they are cared for and deserving of love.

We are humbled by our 43 volunteers, who all donated their time to positively impact our families and their communities, and the 24 community fundraisers held on behalf of Interval House. We’re touched by the donation of 70 career outfits and 34 handbags in our Career Boutique, donated to our women for their big interview moments, helping them feel confident and professional in their appearances.

And finally, we are thrilled for the 8 women who were hired by employment partners, and the 6 women who found housing in the private market, all accomplishing significant milestones and freedom in their new lives. It is these brave women and the progress they make in one year, their milestones that light up our home and inspire us to keep working towards our vision. Until we get there, these moments of reflection tell a story that just numbers never could. 

To read more about how your support impacted women and kids this year, read the 2015 Interval House Impact Report, now available here.