Your gift is a "Mother's Helper"

Imagine being forced from your home by family violence…at Mother’s Day.

While you and I are celebrating the important bond of family, women who are experiencing the worst kinds of abuse are making the excruciating decision to leave the fear behind and walk with their children into a new life. But they can’t do it alone.

Your support, whether a single gift or a faithful monthly contribution, helps ensure that we can offer a courageous woman the raw materials and the tools she will need to remain free of her abuser. Your gift of…

  • $40 can provide a Welcome Kit for a woman escaping violence
  • $60 can provide a Welcome Kit for an abused woman and her child
  • $75 provides an Infant Care Kit for baby
  • $150 will furnish a BESS Studies Kit for one woman to prepare for the job market
  • $250 buys a “Welcome Home” hamper with basic household items for a woman and her family starting over in a new home

Please, take a moment right now and give your tangible encouragement to the brave women at Interval House. They’re willing to take the risk…we must be willing to stand with them.