We need more alternate endings. Let’s stop the violence.

Today Interval House and KBS’s new Cause Company launched a PSA campaign in response to the recent swell in news coverage of high profile domestic violence incidents. 


As Canada’s first shelter for abused women, Interval House helps women and their children who escape violence to rebuild their lives and we raise awareness to eliminate abuse. In an unprecedented way, recent news has brought the issue of domestic violence to the forefront. We recognized that it was critical to seize this moment in time of rare public interest and to interrupt the conversation online and in the media. Our campaign aims to create a greater understanding of the issue and ultimately a way to help end the violence.

Everyone can make a difference and take action to end violence against women by:

  • Using your social media voice to share our PSA - break the silence and end the violence. Rather than watching the Ray Rice video, speak out about why it’s important to create alternate endings and stop the violence.
  • Challenging victim blaming. Instead of asking why doesn’t she just leave, learn about the complex reasons why women stay and ask how can we can all stop the violence.
  • Unconditionally and non-judgementally supporting women in you may know who are experiencing abuse.
  • Learning about the warning signs of abuse in your own relationship and how to get help
  • Donating to Interval House to help us help more women and children rebuild their lives after escaping violence.
  • Volunteering your time, energy and ideas to help transform lives at Interval House.

Interval House is grateful for the extraordinarily generous support by kbs+ Cause Company and their partners who donated 100% of all costs to produce this PSA. Thank you to:

Agency – Cause Company, a division of kbs
Chief Creative Officer – Matt Hassell
Copywriter – Nimo Awil
Art Director – Stefan D’Aversa
Producer – Brenda Surminski
Account Lead – Marie Magnin
Director – Brett Blackwell
Production House – Cartilage, Inc.