We Know What Snow Will Bring

The changing of the seasons brings an eerie echo to Interval House. It’s hard to comprehend the cyclical nature of abuse. We hope we’ll be wrong about it. We hope the next wave of women and children seeking shelter and safety won’t arrive when the school year ends, and again when the winter holidays arrive. But that’s what happens. So we must be prepared.

This summer we were ready to provide relief to our families in distress. Thanks to compassion from generous donors, the kids attended summer camps, and their backpacks were filled with supplies for school in September. But we know what’s coming.

This fall, Interval House urgently needs to raise $30,000 to support the influx of calls and requests for help we get during the holiday season. We wish we could take our own advice about taking things one day at a time. But in this case, we must be prepared with food, with beds, with diapers. We know what the snow will bring. Your support means we’ll be ready to help.