A very special mural

Interval House mural

Walk through the halls of Interval House and you're greeted by colourful collages, paintings, and drawings, all created by little one who have passed through our doors.

Not only does art add colour, it also stirs emotions and feelings, and sometimes even shares a message difficult to pen – this is one of the reasons Art Group is such an important component of the Women’s and Children’s counselling programs at Interval House. The renowned Roman lyric poet Horace put it simply: “A picture is a poem without words.”

For these reasons, the women and kids at Interval House have, over the past several months, created a mural for Emily’s House, the first pediatric palliative care hospice in Toronto. A collage of painted strips of paper and magazine pages, the mural’s lush greenery and flowing waterfall convey a sense of brightness and positivity. “Love” and “Energy” are written in Farsi, under a smiling bright sun, with “Peace” and “Respect” emanating from her rays. The mural was a result of collaborative effort: everyone pitched in their ideas. From the outset, it was agreed that it should be bright and cheerful.

As Paula Del Cid, supervisor of the Residential Program said, “Although the families were going through their own issues; once they heard about Emily’s house it made them realize that despite their own circumstances, they can still help others in need.” Paula relayed the words of one child resident, who said, “Interval house is always helping me; I want to be able to pay it forward as well.”

Created in conjunction with Arts for Children and Youth, the mural will hang in the common room at Emily’s House, as a bright reminder of the power of love and community.