An update on this year's TROOP camping trip


As a frontline worker, it’s really important to me to share the impacts of Interval House’s programs with our community. Today I’d like to talk about TROOP – the Toronto Police Service Recreational Outreach Outtripping Program (TROOP). TROOP is a program that gives at-risk youth the chance to experience camping (often for the first time!) alongside community agency workers and Toronto police officers. Interval House was the first women’s shelter to partner with this program over 5 years ago, and we’ve never looked back!

The kids really enjoy the camping trip every year and are really grateful to take part in something that they don’t normally get to experience. This year we went to McCrae lake where we portaged, camped, swam, and did what we could to avoid the bears. As anyone who has ever been camping knows, this kind of opportunity has a huge impact and can be life changing. The kids finally feel like they fit in somewhere and start to see themselves as someone other than a “shelter kid”. I know a lot of the kids try to keep in touch after TROOP, so I hope the reunion planned for this year helps them build those bonds.

We took a lot of pictures and some of them are posted on Facebook. I hope you’ll enjoy sharing in the moments that made this year’s trip memorable!

Paula Del Cid
Children’s Counsellor Advocate