Umbra: Making Home Dreams Come True

At Interval House, we understand the importance of home. And we’re very proud of our long-term relationship with Umbra, whose products help to create an inspiring and beautiful living space for the women who are moving to new homes after leaving our shelter.

This past December, Umbra held a Factory Sale, where each customer who made a donation to Interval House received a free gift. They also promoted the opportunity to donate to Interval House in their sale’s advertising materials.

“It really is a wonderful relationship tie-in to think through how Umbra’s approach to housewares—functionality, a casual approach but offering up original design that is affordable—makes a lot of sense in terms of the women that are coming out of Interval House into a new life,” says Sheila Murray, Director of Global Marketing at Umbra.

Umbra also generously promoted Interval House in January, as they advertised the re-launch of their reinvented Toronto store with the #Umbra35 social media campaign. For each social media post with the hashtag, Umbra made a donation in product to Interval House.

These products, such as kitchen storage solutions, window furnishings, and bathroom accessories, are donated to Interval House’s Household Boutique, where women moving out of our shelter go “shopping” to furnish their new homes. Says Sheila, “It’s an opportunity to bring some brightness to their new homes, some functionality…It’s nice to think that Umbra can bring some delight into the journey these women are starting as they leave Interval House and move into a new time in their lives.”

As a further method of support, Umbra asked key influencers to share their favourite “frameable” memories on social media using the hashtag #Umbra35. The photos were then turned into a gallery exhibit at the reinvented Umbra Store launch, and for every influencer who participated Umbra donated products for 25 families at the Interval House.

“That was exciting again, because it was an opportunity to cross-promote both Interval House and the store launch event and generate some social media and some overall awareness for both parties,” says Sheila.

Thanks to Umbra, the Factory Sale raised more than $1900 for Interval House, and the #Umbra35 campaign generated enough product donations to help 350 families leaving Interval House to set up their new homes. We’re very grateful for Umbra’s continued friendship, and the important role they play in helping women build a new home.

For the families at Interval House who are beginning new lives, Umbra has a special message. “I would say first and foremost, Umbra is very proud of you,” says Sheila. “We wish you nothing but joy and energy and success in your new homes and your new home journey.”