Transition Activities

As exciting as it is for families at Interval House to embark on their journey toward independence, the transition out of the shelter can be a challenging time.

During their time at Interval House, families form very close bonds with one another. And it can be hard to part ways with their new found friends. This is why our counsellors work hard to help make the transition out of our shelter as smooth as possible.

Every Thursday evening, the women and children at Interval House participate in group activities such as yoga, special workshops, or family fun nights. If a family is set to move out that week, the counsellors hold a separation activity to help everyone say goodbye. In a group, residents share nice words about the family who is leaving, talk about their special memories together, and, above all else, reflect on all the special times they had.

To help ease the transition into their new home, our Resettlement Coordinator gives women a map with local clinics, pharmacies, daycares, and any other services her family might need. Each family also receives household goods to start their new home, and is invited back to picnics and other special events.

The bond families form with each other and with the staff and volunteers at Interval House is lifelong and very special. And they always have a special place in our hearts.

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