The Toy Cupboard

We try to give children all of the caring and support we can, but how can we protect them from experiencing difficult emotions? Sometimes we must accept that we cannot make them feel better. At the heart of the programming at Interval House—activities that are supported by your donations—are many opportunities for children to relieve stress and re-connect with their moms. These are baby steps on a long journey. And that’s why your support is so crucial. By donating to Interval House, you join us in creating a soft place to fall for women and children who are fleeing violence. That’s why we’ve come to see the holiday donations to our toy cupboard as the symbol of hope, healing and joy. Thanks to our generous supporters who make donations to help with whatever is needed during this time of year, the shelves start out empty and before we know it, there are plenty of gifts for everyone. 

Some prefer to donate toys through a family sponsorship where they are matched with a former resident family in need over the holidays, or they become one of Santa’s Elves anonymously stocking the shelves with toys—every thoughtful gesture becomes a meaningful part of the healing process for our kids and teens.

If you or your corporate group would like more information about making a donation to help stock the toy cupboard or supporting a family sponsorship, please contact us for more information.