Students Win Grants for Interval House

YPI winner Chedi Mbaga

Every year, the Toskan Foundation’s Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) donates over $1 million to social service charities. And thanks to the hard work of some dedicated students this year, Interval House is the proud recipient of two $5,000 grants.

Each year, secondary school students complete a class project by choosing a social service charity, and creating a presentation. After researching many charities, Chedi Mbaga, a grade 10 student at St. Michael’s College School, chose Interval House. “I found that Interval House’s work was the most impactful because not only is it helping women and children at the moment, but also in the long-term, you’re ending the cycle of violence against women,” he says. “I thought the work they did was really inspiring, and greatly beneficial to society. And because my school is an all-boy’s school, I thought it would be beneficial for us to contribute to something that helps women.”

Chedi first presented his project to his Careers class. The best projects from each class then went on to compete grade-wide for the $5,000 grant for the charity of their choice. He says he was thrilled when he won the grant for Interval House. “I was so happy,” he says. “All the charities people had represented, I’m sure they were all great causes, but I felt that Interval House’s work is so amazing that we should continue to do as much as we can to support it.”

The project was a long process. Chedi first visited Interval House in August 2014, where he received a tour. “It was very inspiring,” he says. “Visiting the children’s centre, seeing where they do their paintings and seeing how they express themselves after going through traumatic experiences, and seeing how resilient the children can be, and how much Interval House is helping them continue to grow, that really impacted me and motivated me to continue working for the success of Interval House.”

We also want to say a big thank you to Caroline and Daniela from Havergal College, who also successfully won a grant for Interval House. We are so proud of all the students who worked so hard to help women and children in need. Well done, students!