Spring to renewal!


A fresh coat of paint…a spruced-up wardrobe…sprigs of green through the thawing ground… No season says “renewal” like spring!

But for the woman who’s endured a winter of abuse, spring might be the beginning of a journey to a completely different renewal—the kind that begins with a frightening escape and an unknown future.

Fortunately for her, with your continued support, Interval House will be there. She will have a safe harbor, a comfortable bed, nourishing meals, compassionate counselling, activities for her children, and the training and tools to begin renewing her life.

You can be part of the renewal!

Your gift of…
$40 will provide a Welcome Kit for a woman arriving at Interval House
$60 will provide a Welcome Kit for an abused woman and her child
$80 provides a Family Welcome Kit for a woman and her children escaping violence
$150 provides a BESS Studies Kit for a woman on the way to renewal this spring