Provide a warm winter welcome

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It’s only because of you that we can be prepared, no matter what the weather, to welcome and care for each woman and child fleeing an abusive home.

Your gift of $40 will provide a Welcome Kit filled with basic necessities to an abused woman arriving at our door this winter.

A gift of $60 will provide Welcome Kits for a mother and her child and $75 will provide a Family Welcome Kit for a mother arriving with her children.

Any amount you choose to give at this time will also allow us to continue funding BESS and other programs that help women overcome their abuse and become self-sufficient and filled with hope for the future.

If you’d prefer to donate monthly to fund Interval House programs year-round, please consider becoming a monthly donor through our Friendship Plan. By spreading your giving throughout the year, for as little as $15 a month, you help us efficiently squeeze the most from every dollar! All you need to do is fill out the enclosed reply coupon and pre-authorize a monthly deduction in any amount you choose.