A Picnic in the Park

Vertica Picnic_0.jpg

 As the summer time ended, Interval House celebrated the warmth of August with a lovely picnic in Withrow Park. With over 80 past and current residents in attendance, along with staff and volunteers, this lively group had a chance to come together to enjoy some great food, games and entertainment!
Vertica Resident Services, a loyal supporter of Interval House, generously hosted this fun-filled event. Face-painting for children (and some enthusiastic adults), delicious barbequed food, a magician and carnival games all came together to create a fun and memorable night. It was a perfect opportunity to spend time with dear friends, connect with new people and become more acquainted with some familiar faces.

What is truly amazing about evenings like this is that the women and children of Interval House not only have a fun night together, but also get to experience something much deeper. There is a special bond that can be formed between women and children who have experienced similar trials. The picnic also gives our current residents a chance to see first-hand that, just like our past residents, they too can look forward to an independent, joyful and safe life after moving on from Interval House.
A classic picnic setting with blankets, picnic tables (and even a hula-hooping contest) made for a great way to say farewell to summer.

Vertica’s generosity and spirited volunteers meant so much to the women and children who benefited from this fun-filled picnic in the park. A big thank you to all who were a part of making this evening a great one!