Our Tumblr page tells the story of our programs


We know that you want to know what’s happening at Interval House. But just like your own home, it can be difficult to peek inside our rooms...

The solution? Our new Tumblr page – Owlie and Whippo! 

So, who are Owlie and Whippo?

Owlie and Whippo are Interval House’s newest residents. Like the rest of our families, they live with us, take part in programs, and go on fun adventures.

And no one was more excited to meet our newest residents than the kids!

The kids had a great time coming up with names for our two new friends during a group activity.They take them along on all of their adventures, and make sure to take pictures of them as they take part in our programs.

Though the mascots are a lot of fun to play with, they also serve a deeper purpose. Owlie and Whippo give you a first-hand look at the impact each and every activity has on the families who come to Interval House seeking a fresh start.

On our Tumblr page, we share photos of Owlie and Whippo joining in outings, activities, workshops, and everything that the women and children at Interval House participate in. In the coming months, we’ll share more adventures. And we’ll make sure to explain what each activity is about and how it helps the healing process.

Check out Owlie and Whippo today to see first-hand how our programs and services are transforming lives.