Opinion poll results are troubling

It’s too early to celebrate. While saddened by the many high-profile celebrity abuse cases last year, those of us who work with victims of violence were pleased to see the stirring up of dialogue around domestic abuse issues when these cases were thrust into the media spotlight. The unprecedented public interest inspired Interval House to commission an opinion poll to take the pulse of public attitudes about violence against women. The results were troubling and revealed why it’s more important than ever to keep this conversation going. 

The study shows nearly a quarter of Ontarians believe women can bring abuse upon themselves (a belief that is higher among men), and only 58% of them would intervene if the abuse was disclosed.  Victim-blaming is one of the reasons many women find it difficult to leave abusive relationships. Women fear they will either be blamed, not believed, or have internalized the idea that it is somehow their fault.

And that’s why your donations are so crucial. As a supporter of Interval House, you recognize the importance of helping to change the conversation. We cannot live in a province in which a lack of awareness serves to perpetuate an acceptance of domestic violence. We know we can rely on you to stand behind us until all women and children are safe and can live free from violence. 

For more information about how to get involved in advocacy work and to take a stand against violence against women, visit the website: www.intervalhouse.ca/take-action