Old or young, give a new beginning of hope and peace

The elderly woman whose paralyzing stroke keeps her vulnerable and helpless against the relentless assaults of her son…

A recent immigrant who is terrified of her abusive husband and doesn’t know enough English to ask for help…

A 12-year-old boy who is torn between wanting his home and friends and protecting his mother from her violent boyfriend…

The toddler who’s never known a whole night without the sounds of her father screaming and her mother crying…

No matter their age, economic status, ethnic background or religion, each one has felt the helplessness brought on by domestic abuse. And because of your compassion and your involvement with Interval House, each one can be rescued and restored to a life of hope and peace.

This fall, Interval House urgently needs to raise $44,034 to meet our current needs and get ready for the next families seeking shelter and safety. Your gift means no one needs to be turned away.

Here’s what your gift can do:

  • $40 can provide a Rescue Kit for a woman escaping violence
  • $60 can provide two Rescue Kits for a woman and her frightened child
  • $75 provides an Infant Care Kit for baby, including diapers, formula, baby food, wipes, and skin care items
  • $250 buys a “Welcome Home” hamper with basic household items for a woman and her family who must start over in a new home

You can also space your gift out through the year and partner with us to help victims of family abuse by joining our Friendship Plan monthly giving program. Just pre-authorize a monthly deduction in any amount you choose from your bank account or on your credit card, and you’ll help us plan for our expenses in ways that make even better use of the available dollars.

At Interval House, it’s our goal to stay ready to receive every woman and family who arrives at our door. But we need you—your gifts keep us stocked and staffed to move every woman out of a life of fear and on the road to freedom and hope. Each dollar you send is used carefully for food, beds, counselling, activities, play spaces, and employment programs that make it possible for a woman to leave and remain free from her abuser—forever.