New Years’ Resolution: End Violence Against Women

We all start a new year hoping, planning, and thinking of ways to better ourselves and the world around us. Whether your goal is to exercise more, pick up a new hobby, or stay in better touch with friends and family, there’s no New Year resolution too small to make a difference. But if you’re looking to make a change in the lives of others, how about resolving to take action in ending violence against women? Think about how you can incorporate these goals into your year, to help us work towards ending abuse and violence:

  • I will use social media as a platform for speaking out against violence against women, joining in important conversations to challenge societal beliefs and attitudes.
  • I will support organizations who are working towards ending gender-based violence, by volunteering my time and talents, organizing a charitable event or drive to support the important work of violence against women agencies, or becoming a monthly donor to ensure that organizations like Interval House can continue to support survivors of domestic violence.
  • I won't view sensationalism in the news as entertainment, but rather as a means of encouraging conversation on the topic of violence against women.
  • I won't support celebrities who are known abusers.
  • I will get involved in events and forums calling for action (like this year’s upcoming International Women's Day, which takes place on March 8).
  • I will speak up when I hear conversations and jokes making light of abuse and violence.

Want to make your resolutions stick? Studies show that being specific and sharing your goals with others helps put them into motion. So post that weekly Facebook update, highlighting the strength of women around you or organize a donation drive among friends, helping women and children in need. Whatever you do, don’t worry about the scale of it; small actions grow into larger ideas, snowballing into even larger movements. After all, we have 11.5 more months to go!