Meet our Volunteers: Yannique


Volunteer Profile: Yannique

What motivates you to be a volunteer?

My desire to help others and positively contribute to my community. Volunteering is a humbling experience, which I am grateful to have.   

How has your volunteer position at Interval House helped you in your own professional and/or personal growth?

Volunteering at Interval House has enriched both my personal and professional development. My experiences at IH have deepened my passion for social issues, particularly women and children's rights. I have learnt that there are various ways to apply one's skills and to engage in advocacy, which make meaningful contributions to society.

What does Interval House mean to you?

Interval House means a sanctuary, and new beginnings. The women and children at Interval House live in a safe environment, free from fear and violence, and can start a new chapter in their lives. Women in the Community Programs are able to build their self confidence as they create a new path in their life journey and forge their own futures. 

What message do you have for the women and children at Interval House?

I admire and am deeply inspired by your strength and courage. You are survivors. You are special, cherished and supported. To the kids, your smiles and laughter bring me such light and joy. Thank you all for showing me what resiliency looks like. I wish you all love and positivity throughout your journeys.