Meet our Volunteers: Tawni


Interval House's volunteer of the month for December is Tawni, an ESL Teacher Volunteer

What motivates you to be a volunteer?
The women and children that I have met volunteering for Interval House inspire me so much with their strength. They are kind, motivated, intelligent, and have amazing senses of humor; they are really fun to spend time with! The skills I have in teaching English can make a real difference for some on their road to independence, and I am so happy to be able to provide that help, because they absolutely deserve it. 
How has your volunteer position at Interval House helped you in your own professional and/or personal growth?
Hearing stories and getting to know women from different cultures and with different perspectives from my own improves my empathy and compassion, and greatly enriches my life.
What does Interval House mean to you?
To me, Interval House means solidarity, opportunity, and hope. It's not just a place women and children can go for safety when they have nowhere else to go, it's a springboard for starting a new, independent life free from violence. 
What message do you have for the women and children at Interval House?
My perspective is from that of a teacher, so my message is to take advantage of educational resources. Education means better opportunities and a richer life for yourself and your children. Education is also the answer in the long run for a society free from gender violence, and one that we can all work toward together. You have the strength and the ability to do whatever you want with your life, so go for it!