Meet our Volunteers: Bobi


Volunteer Profile: Bobi

What motivates you to be a volunteer?

The first time I helped a resident pick out items for her first apartment with excitement, truly made me happy.  Throughout my life, I have always volunteered in different capacities.  I am fortunate to be able to give my time and skills to help those who are less fortunate.   

How has your volunteer position at Interval House helped you in your own professional and/or personal growth?

Working in a more permanent volunteer role has really expanded my appreciation of the work that Interval House does. It has changed the way I think about work and what kind of organization I want to represent.

What does Interval House mean to you?

It means better awareness of violence against women.  It means hearing donors tell me their stories of violence and what motivates them to support Interval House.  It means raising the glass ceiling for women that still exists in the world.

What message do you have for the women and children at Interval House?

I have not walked in your shoes and don't know the struggles that you face, but I am glad I am part of a team that can support the programs at Interval House to help you carve a new road.