Meet Bonnie Bell

Learn how monthly support benefits the women and children of Interval House

Bonnie grew up in a family that believed in putting beliefs into actions—and that meant giving back and trying to help others. “I really believe that the better we make other peoples’ lives, the better they make our lives because we all live in the same world,” she says.

For as far back as she can recall Bonnie has been tuned into the ways that women fall into vulnerable positions. Whether it’s because of lack of confidence or support networks, financial status or because a woman is the one at home raising children, she finds the circumstances for some women unfair. She recalls her roommate in university who had a boyfriend who was possessive, jealous and controlling. Bonnie saw other friends in similar relationships where issues escalated to abuse. She was so happy to discover that a place existed where women could go to get help.

She has long been a supporter of Interval House but recently decided to become a monthly donor rather than writing a big cheque at Christmas. It helped her with budgeting and made the process seamless. “When it comes out of your bank account every month, you don’t notice it. It’s the equivalent of a couple of nice lattés from a coffee shop per week,” she says.

Like so many Interval House supporters, Bonnie hopes the day will come when the organization won’t need to exist. She sees herself as playing a small part in reaching for that goal. “My monthly gift is going somewhere to collectively pool with other peoples’ small giving, and can add up and make a difference.” She wants to believe in a world without violence against women and focuses her hope on the mothers. She says escaping dangerous relationships sooner protects the lives of the most vulnerable people of all— children.

To join our Friendship Monthly Giving Plan, please visit our Donations page or call 416-924-1411 ext. 238.