Halloween Celebrations at Interval House

Interval House Halloween

It was a spook-tacular Halloween at Interval House! Both children and moms alike were filled with the fun and festive spirit for our Halloween party, which took place on October 30.

Hosted by a team of volunteers from CIBC, the party featured pumpkin carving and decorating, candy, and lots of fun! The kids loved dressing up in their amazing Halloween costumes donated by CIBC—we had an elephant, cows, Elmo, Spiderman, and a lady bug at Interval House that evening!

“It was really good that the kids had a chance to dress up in the safety of Interval House and have their own little Halloween party,” says Elizabeth Foster, one of our Children’s Counsellor Advocates. “They definitely loved the idea of dressing up, and the moms were really glad they had costumes.”

Moms were also treated to some well-deserved pampering, with make-up and beauty tips, and manicures. The volunteers also cooked a delicious dinner which was enjoyed by all.

Our celebrations began early, as our house was beautifully decorated by a team of volunteers from Target on October 23. The house was adorned with spider-webs, crime scene tape, pumpkins, and other amazing Halloween décor, which created the perfect backdrop to our Halloween celebrations. Target also cooked a great meal for the residents, and got the party started early with treats for the kids.

The Halloween festivities also provided families a great opportunity to connect and celebrate together. Many families have never been able to celebrate Halloween as a family, and the party symbolized a new beginning for many of our families. “It gives them a chance to have a new experience—this is a different time in their lives, so just being able to participate as a family with the other residents and celebrate that, it’s really good,” Elizabeth says.

Events like this wouldn’t be possible without our great volunteers like those from CIBC and Target, who make such a difference. “We really appreciate all the volunteers and what they come to do,” says Elizabeth. “It creates such an impact for the children and the women. The women can really see that there are people who care about their well-being, and helping the children to create a good environment.”