Give her a soft place to fall

No matter her age, economic status, ethnic background or religion, each woman who has arrived at our door has felt the helplessness brought on by abuse. And because of your compassion and your involvement with Interval House, each one can be rescued and restored to a life of hope and peace.

Your gift is the first step in a changed life.

$40 provides a Rescue Kit for a woman escaping violence.
$60 provides two Rescue Kits for an abused woman and her child
$75 provides an Infant Care Kit for baby, including diapers, formula, baby food, wipes, and skin care items

Your help means no one need be turned away.

At Interval House, it’s our goal to stay ready to receive every woman who arrives at our door. Each dollar you so generously donate is used carefully for food, beds, counselling, and employment programs that make it possible for a woman to leave and remain free from her abuser—forever.