A festive holiday at Interval House


Thank you for your response to our Holiday mailing and for sending back the ornaments for our tree! The children at Interval House enjoyed colouring the ornaments and decorating our tree for the holidays. Your messages of cheer were gratefully received and filled the House with hope for a bright 2014!

As December and the year came to a close, Interval House held a pair of festive holiday parties filled with joy, friendship and lots of celebration…all thanks to your generous support this past year. Over two fun-filled nights, BESS clients, residents and their young children gathered together to make memories, enjoy a delicious feast, and take home gifts that were sure to make this holiday special.

The first party saw ex-residents, BESS clients and graduates gather for an evening of good food and excitement.

When the moms arrived, Santa didn’t disappoint! As the night progressed, each mother spent time in our beautifully decorated Holiday Gift Room and “shopped” for Christmas gifts for her children. These extraordinary women also received a box full of gifts for themselves.

During our evening of laughter, delicious food and countless smiles, one woman said, “It’s so nice that you do this. You know, not everyone can afford to give their kids a Christmas. Thanks to you, I can.”

The next night, the holiday celebration continued with our party for all Interval House residents. One of our dedicated volunteer groups prepared a sumptuous turkey dinner complete with all the trimmings. What a feast!

After dinner, Santa made a special appearance much to the delight of the children. With the help of his elves (who looked similar to Interval House staff members), Santa carefully reached into his bag to give each child their very own Christmas present. The kids could hardly believe their ears when Santa addressed each child by name. Saint Nick also had something special for each of the mothers and women at Interval House, making it truly a special night.

Both Christmas celebrations were made possible thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, our dedicated staff and to YOU – our caring Interval House friends and supporters. From the bottom of our hearts – thank you!