Farewell, Ann Southam

Ann Southam

Interval House lost a dear member of our family this past fall, the much-celebrated Ann Southam. Ann was a renowned composer, member of the Order of Canada and dedicated Interval House supporter.

In honour of Ann and her generosity, Interval House will name one of the B.E.S.S. graduation awards after her. At its inaugural presentation, Ann’s brother Kip Southam presented the Ann Southam Leadership Award.

Kip has tremendous respect for the brave women of BESS who strive for self-sufficiency. Having worked in the field of addiction, Kip is familiar with victims of abuse and the significance of providing women with a means of escape. He also sees the importance of having the BESS program available to at-risk women in the community – not just residents of Interval House. The courage it takes for women to risk attendance in this program and escape from a life of abuse drives Kip’s support.

Kip recently made a very generous donation to Interval House in Ann’s memory and has this message to share with other donors of Interval House: “Recognize the problem of domestic violence and keep donating in the hopes that one day, Interval House will be out of business.”