Fall into a better day

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Summer’s over…the cooler temperatures of fall and the new school year is upon us. Many women, who have lived in fear of abuse through the summer months, will be arriving at Interval House this month. Through the rest of this year they will come, looking for hope and the tools to start a new life.

On any given day in Canada, more than 3,000 women and 2,500 children are living in an emergency shelter to escape domestic violence. Many of these are in the GTA, and all are in need of much more than just a bed and a meal. They can’t start over without counselling, jobs skills, legal advice and housing assistance.

Only with those resources, that you can help provide, will they be able to walk out of a life of fear and violence and into a hopeful, productive future.

What can you do? A gift of just…

$40 can provide a Welcome Kit for a woman escaping violence
$60 can provide a Welcome Kit for a woman and her child
$75 provides an Infant Care Kit for an abused woman and her children
$150 will furnish a BESS Studies Kit for one woman
$250 buys a “Welcome Home” hamper with basic household items for a woman and her family who must start over in a new home

We know you’ll want to stand with us by making a gift as we head into the crowded fall months. We simply can’t afford to turn a single woman away or to shortchange her as she gathers the tools to become independent and free of her abuser. Every woman willing to risk escape from her abuser deserves to be supported with every resource we can provide.

Your compassion and your consistent support means the world to her as she works toward a life free from fear and full of hope!