CAPREIT: Providing Independence and a New Beginning

When it’s time for Interval House residents to leave our shelter and start their new lives, finding a good quality and affordable home is critical. Through our amazing partnership with CAPREIT, Toronto’s largest private landlord, women in our BESS employment program are able to have rent-geared-to-income housing for one year. This helps them transition into their new lives more smoothly, and sets up the families leaving our shelter for success.

“CAPREIT has found the opportunity to help women and children getting back into communities extremely rewarding and aligned with our values,” says Mark Kenney, Chief Operating Officer of CAPREIT. “Having what Interval House does so closely linked to what we do is very rewarding. It’s bringing housing and the need for housing together.”

Recognizing this valued partnership, Interval House presented Mark with an art piece created by some of the children in our shelter. Loving the artwork, Mark saw the opportunity for it to make an impact at CAPREIT buildings. He asked for an additional 50 pieces of framed Interval House artwork to be publicly displayed at CAPREIT residences. This resulted in a $20,000 donation for Interval House.

“The end product that we received was spectacular,” Mark says. “The quality is great, the story behind the artwork is even better, and our residents can now enjoy artwork created by the children who have gone through the Interval House process. And it’s a symbol of happiness and hope.”
CAPREIT has long found creative ways to partner with Interval House. For instance, they also generously donated a vacant rental space for Interval House to use for our Community Programs Holiday Party in December.

Mark’s advice for companies who are considering supporting Interval House through providing housing is to get involved. He says while some landlords may be hesitant to help because they fear the potential for domestic violence in their buildings, the opposite is true. “Landlords may think domestic abuse will return to their building. The opposite is actually the truth. We’re providing independence and a new beginning for the victims of domestic abuse,” says Mark.

We’re very grateful for the unique and creative long-term partnership we share with CAPREIT, and are happy that they are good friends of Interval House.