Brianne's Story

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So when Brianne showed up for her job interview with a beautiful new briefcase, she could see the employer was impressed. She says the briefcase may have clinched the job. It was just a symbol of the professionalism, poise and confidence Brianne herself was projecting. Those are the real reasons she made such a great impression.

The briefcase was a graduation gift from the women at Interval House. But the greatest gift she received—the gift of empowerment—is what put her on the path to recovery. Her own skills, her own character, and her own inner-strength, is what led her to that moment.

Three years ago Brianne was living with chronic pain from a car accident that was devastating. She had trouble performing daily tasks and was unable to work. Near the end of her recovery, she found herself knocked backwards again into a very vulnerable state. She was living in an abusive relationship with a man and she felt there was no one she could trust. She had lost all confidence.

Thankfully she reached out for help and found her way to Interval House. She learned about the employment program for women called Building Economic Self-Sufficiency (BESS). Through a series of BESS workshops, Brianne realized she wanted to become a dental assistant. She began working closely with a Career Developer to get her Dental Assisting certification.

Spending time with other women and focusing on empowering experiences, Brianne came to her “A-ha Moment!” The more she learned about her capabilities, the more she relied on herself, and the more she valued integrity—the stronger she felt. Suddenly she noticed she felt better about other parts of her life too. The healing process had begun.

Brianne graduated the BESS program this year. Among her peers and mentors, her successes and hopes for the future were celebrated. When Brianne wears her briefcase, she knows she is bringing with her the difficulties she has overcome, the warm wishes of the women of Interval House and the confidence to carry on.