BESS 101

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Did you know…

During a two-week BESS workshop, a woman starting a new life will:

  • Complete a skills inventory
  • Learn to write a resume and cover letter
  • Understand the basics of conducting a job search
  • Prepare for the interview process
  • Develop life skills like time management and balancing work and parenting
  • Receive wardrobe counseling and access to the Career Boutique

After completing the BESS program, she will work with our Job Developer to:

  • Design and execute a career plan
  • Find and maintain employment
  • Receive support in making the transition into the workforce

BESS graduates have:

  • A 67% employment rate within their chosen field
  • A 90% job retention rate
  • Access to financial, educational and housing assistance

BESS is not exclusive to residents of Interval House – the program is open to all women survivors of partner abuse. In addition to self-referrals, BESS welcomes referrals from other agencies working with survivors of domestic violence who are ready and committed to making a change.