BESS—Path to long-term success

BESS Client

What is the number one factor in making sure a woman escaping domestic abuse stays free?

A good job.

Unfortunately many women who have suffered abuse have also been out of the job market and even out of social settings for years. And despite the courage it takes for a woman to flee her home and her abuser, she can’t completely escape unless she becomes financially independent and self-supporting.

That’s why we believe so strongly in BESS—Building Economic Self-Sufficiency. It’s a vital component of our holistic approach to healing: reinventing and transforming lives by facilitating access to education, training, financial and housing assistance, and other practical resources. We give women customized training and skills; they gain confidence and independence. Click here to find out more about BESS.

BESS is open to all women survivors of partner abuse, whether or not they are or have been residents of the shelter. In addition to self-referrals, BESS welcomes women referred from other agencies who share our support for survivors ready to make a permanent change.