Back to school at Interval House

school supplies

September is here! At Interval House, that means that our home will be a little quieter during the day, with most of the kids back to school. 

What does going back to school look like for a kid at Interval House? 

Most of the kids in our shelter need to switch schools when they come to Interval House. Staying at their old school would make it easy for an abuser to locate them and their mom, so we help them transfer for their safety. 

This year, our counsellors registered many kids for school – for those that moved in over the summer, this is the first time that they’re attending our local school. Luckily, they’ll already have friends by their side: the other kids living at Interval House. And we have a liaison at the local school, who understands the particular needs and safety concerns for Interval House residents, and helps make the transition smooth.

Something else we need to think about is school supplies. When a woman flees violence to come to Interval House, it’s unlikely she’ll be able to pack everything she and her kids need, and so kids rarely come to the shelter with their school books and supplies. 

But thanks to generous donors each year, all the kids at Interval House get brand new school supplies! This year, our residents were generously supported by school supply drives from CAPREIT, RBC Capital Markets, and the Kanisa Community Choir. 

So, while the first day of school might be a big transition for the kids at our shelter, it’s always an exciting one too!

Image credit: Steven Depolo, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0