Back to School!

When the school year ends, we always hear the kids at Interval House celebrating and singing “No more homework allllll summer!”

Late spring and early summer are one of the busiest times of the year for Interval house and many other shelters across Canada, with women and children fleeing their homes at the end of the school year. We’ve seen many women wait until the end of the year to leave, to ease their children into the transition and provide as little interruption to their children’s schooling and routines as possible.

But with the school year finally here it has been a bittersweet time at Interval House. The children and their mothers said to goodbye to a fun-filled summer and hello to a brand new chapter and another year of school!

As an organization we’re always evolving and expanding our services to reach more women and children in need. We are passionate about providing them with the tools and support needed to rebuild their lives. And this year we’re more than grateful to our wonderful community of supporters who donated brand new school supplies for the kids at our shelter.

Every child started their first day of school with a smile on their face, and with a kit filled with pencils, notebooks, water bottles, markers, and all the goodies that they need for a successful school year. One friend even sewed custom pencil cases for each child, with a special note in each!

Thank you to all of our friends for making this school year a bright one for our families!