The Art of Healing

Interval House mural

As a counsellor for the Children’s Program, Elizabeth Foster has noticed that mother-child relationships can be strained when families arrive at Interval House. Some children are confused about why they suddenly left home, while the older kids might understand the reasons too well.  None of them are keen to talk about it.

That’s why Elizabeth relies on crayons, paper and paint. As an icebreaker she’ll ask each child to draw a picture of how they see their family. “Sometimes the dad will be a little further away from mom and the children,” says Elizabeth, “It really helps them to be able to express themselves.” 

Art is one of the great connectors at Interval House; it’s also the universal language for families from different backgrounds. We saw the powerful healing force of art in action recently when our moms and kids worked together to create a cheerful mural. The delightful waterfall scene was made out of painted strips of paper with the words “love” and “energy” written in Farsi—a reflection of one of the artist’s cultural belief that women bring the love and energy to a family. The mural was a special gift for Emily’s House, a local children’s hospice.

The project made everyone feel good and it was a wonderful example of how the women’s and children’s programs at Interval House give families the chance to re-connect, relieve stress and learn to express themselves in safe and creative ways. Thanks to generous support from donors like you, programs dedicated to artistic expression continue to be a part of the healing process.

Your support for Interval House helps to make these important programs possible so that residents can build confidence and trust after a time of crisis, and move towards positive and hopeful new beginnings.