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Q&A with Noel Pang: Interval House's Run Ambassador

Noel standing in front of a tree.

Noel is an Interval House Run Ambassador for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. He’ll be running the half-marathon to raise funds for Interval House. We were able to get in touch with Noel, and find out more about why he chose Interval House as his charity of choice.

Why did you decided to run the half-marathon?

The reason I chose the half marathon originally was because I was trying to get my younger sister to start running further distances. So right now she’s running 5 kilometers every few days.

But how do women find Interval House?

Woman sitting on sofa on laptop

Have you ever exhaustively searched for Interval House’s address and haven’t had any luck?

Don’t worry! You are not the only one looking for our address and not being able to find it. In fact we often hear from people who are trying to find our location, but can’t find it on Google, on the phone book, or in our website. No, we do not have a website glitch. We intend it that way; we keep our address confidential.

Meet Shirin: Part 6

Shirin sitting on couch smiling.

Moving out

Recently, we introduced you to Shirin, one of our long-time Women’s Counsellor Advocates. Each month, we’ve been shadowing Shirin to give you an idea of what a day’s work is like as a counsellor at Interval House.

When women move out of Interval House, staff members like Shirin help them to settle into their new homes. While their stay at Interval House is temporary – just an Interval – the support we extend to women and kids doesn’t end on moving day.

Domestic Violence and Guns: Canada’s Unspoken Problem


At Interval House, we hear countless stories from women who have survived and fled domestic violence. We hear stories about abusive partners who pointed a gun at them and threatened that if they ever leave, they won’t live to see another day. And unfortunately, death threats are not uncommon when it comes to an abusive relationship. It’s another reason why women feel like they can’t leave.

Meet Shirin: Part 5

Shirin Group Counselling.jpg

Group Counselling

Recently, we introduced you to Shirin, one of our long-time Women’s Counsellor Advocates. Each month, we’ve been shadowing Shirin to give you an idea of what a day’s work is like as a counsellor at Interval House.

While women live at Interval House, they attend group counselling sessions twice weekly: on Mondays and Thursdays. These counselling groups cover a wide variety of topics from self-esteem, the cycle of abuse, and healthy relationships to time management and budgeting.

Celebrating Women Entering the Workforce: The 2016 BESS Reunion and Graduation

BESS Reunion 2016.jpg

On June 22nd, Interval House hosted the 6th Annual BESS Reunion and Graduation to honor past and present program graduates. It was an emotional night that inspired everyone who attended and made them proud to be a part of the BESS program.

Victim Blaming: Changing the conversation around abuse

Victim blaming.jpg

Hollywood and the celebrity gossip mill often seem like harmless forms of entertainment – dissecting the fashion, lifestyles, and personal lives of entertainers can be lighthearted water cooler conversations. The personal lives and dramas of our favourite entertainers become global news stories, and we see relationships play out on a massive scale.

Is domestic violence about power and control?

Word cloud.jpg

In February of this year, Interval House posed this question to Ontarians through an Angus Reid Omnibus Survey: “What are the most important factors that contribute to abusive behaviour?” We let them answer in their own words and used the most common responses to make a word cloud. Each week for the next month, we’re addressing a common attitude about the causes of domestic violence to investigate: is it true? Or is it a myth? In this post, we answer: does a desire for power and control cause domestic violence?

Bobi & Anne: Turning their retail knowledge into a new start for women

Bobi & Anne.jpg

The first time Anne and Bobi came to Interval House, they were part of a corporate volunteer group that volunteered for a day around the holidays. In addition to decorating and cooking a big family meal, they toured the house and heard stories about women who had the courage to leave an abusive home—women who were brave enough to start their lives from scratch, caring for their children alone.

I have only wonderful memories of my time at Interval House

Happy memories.jpg

On my quest to find happiness, I took a meditation class and I learned about the word seva: it means service. The whole idea is to be more compassionate—to give without expecting anything back—and it got me thinking about reconnecting with a place that made such a positive impact on my life.

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