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Navigating Family Law When Faced With Intimate Partner Violence


By: Kali Madej

It can be an overwhelming time when a woman begins her journey of healing at Interval House. One of the big things she may need to manage is navigating the family law system. Depending on the circumstances of a separating couple, such as their level of commitment, the living situation, and whether or not there are children involved, there are many aspects of family law in Ontario that impact a woman’s next steps once she has left her abuser.

Join Interval House in Taking Action Against Gender-Based Violence

1 in 2 Women Experience Violence From 16 Onwards

Today marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and the beginning of 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.

Myth-Busting: What are the causes of domestic violence?

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Earlier this year Interval House posed a question to Ontarians through an Angus Reid Omnibus Survey to uncover some of the common myths, attitudes, ideas and misperceptions about the causes of domestic violence.

The most common responses appear in the word cloud below.

BESS Sets Women Up for Success

BESS class

Interval House takes a holistic approach to the goal of ending violence against women by placing women’s empowerment at the centre of its support services. The fact of the matter is that a woman who escapes abuse is not only healing wounds, she is re-building her life from scratch.

Making BESS Even Better

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Interval House won’t settle for the status quo, and neither will the women it serves. This month, Interval House staff will implement an extensive redesign of the BESS program to ensure that no woman is falling through the gaps.

Annual Open House 2016

Open House decorations

This year’s 2016 Open House was a huge success. Many thanks to everyone in attendance including our guests, staff, and volunteers. Special thank you to our speakers who inspired and demonstrated the importance of what Interval House does for the community and for the women and children fleeing intimate partner violence.  

Domestic Violence Doesn't Discriminate

Incident Map

Domestic violence happens everywhere and can happen to anyone.

In a recent survey conducted by Interval House, we found that half of Greater Toronto residents believe domestic violence is more likely to  occur in low-income areas. But we know that domestic violence doesn’t discriminate.

We took police data from 2014 to 2015 and mapped domestic violence-related charges across the city of Toronto. Each dot represents 20 charges related to domestic violence against women between 2014 and 2015. 

The challenges of starting a new school when you live in a shelter….


When women arrive at our shelter with their children, they’re given the opportunity to change where their children go to school. Some women decide to change their children’s school because they are coming from a distance. This eliminates the stress of a long commute to school.

How to speak to someone you know who is being abused by their partner

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You may know someone who has been abused by their partner. It can be devastating to see someone you care about being hurt. You may be able to spot the signs of abusive behavior. However, the person being abused may not be able to or want to leave.  So how can you help in this type of situation?

Financial Abuse: Another Way Abusers Keep Women from Leaving


Many people think of physical or verbal abuse when they define domestic violence. But financial abuse is an important—but often overlooked—aspect of abusive relationships. What is financial abuse and how can a woman get help if she’s experiencing financial abuse?

What is financial abuse?

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