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A Picnic in the Park

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 As the summer time ended, Interval House celebrated the warmth of August with a lovely picnic in Withrow Park. With over 80 past and current residents in attendance, along with staff and volunteers, this lively group had a chance to come together to enjoy some great food, games and entertainment!

"The technology has changed. The problem hasn’t."

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Cell phones, iPads, laptops. These and a variety of other technologies play a big role in our daily lives. We use them to go grocery shopping, keep our schedules in order, track our finances, and so much more. But as helpful as these technologies can be, they can also be used for a much darker purpose.

Structured Play

 Interval House currently houses 12 children, 10 of whom are under the age of 5. That’s a lot of little ones! As our kid count increased, the needs of the house changed.

As a result, we have added more childcare and kids programming.

Do you know BESS?

BESS women

Our Building Economic Self-Sufficiency (BESS) program provides women with the tools – educational, financial, and emotional – to rebuild and transform their lives in the aftermath of domestic abuse.

We’re turning 40—Help us celebrate!


This spring, Interval House turns 40 years old…and we’d love to have you join our celebration. In honour of our anniversary, we’d like to hear your story—your personal connection to Interval House.

Are you a former resident? A successful BESS graduate? Are you a long-time donor, or the newest member of our family of supporters? Have you volunteered at Interval House and discovered the joy of giving your time and effort?

Spring to renewal!


A fresh coat of paint…a spruced-up wardrobe…sprigs of green through the thawing ground… No season says “renewal” like spring!

But for the woman who’s endured a winter of abuse, spring might be the beginning of a journey to a completely different renewal—the kind that begins with a frightening escape and an unknown future.

Nobody's Perfect

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Perfect parents? Perfect kids? Dream on! Interval House is excited to introduce a new session of Nobody’s Perfect, a program for parents of children 6 years and under. 

Giving the Gift of Time

Deborah Shannon

One of the great strengths of Interval House is our volunteer force. Along with our loyal community of donors, these volunteers increase our reach and effectiveness in striving for a future free of violence.

Recently we spoke with Deborah Shannon, one of our volunteers in the area of Human Resources for some perspective on volunteering.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Celebrating with our Volunteers

This April, Interval House will celebrate its 40th anniversary! For the last 40 years, we have provided shelter and innovative, specialized services to women and their children fleeing abuse. Our accomplishments and longevity could not have been achieved without the generous help of all of you who make our programs possible.

Food for Thought with GE Capital

Food nourishes the body, mind and soul. At Interval House, we know that sharing a meal also means sharing stories and laughter.

Our families look forward to eating together. That’s why when our friends at GE Capital come to volunteer we know we’re in for a treat.

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