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Provide a warm winter welcome

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It’s only because of you that we can be prepared, no matter what the weather, to welcome and care for each woman and child fleeing an abusive home.

Your gift of $40 will provide a Welcome Kit filled with basic necessities to an abused woman arriving at our door this winter.

A gift of $60 will provide Welcome Kits for a mother and her child and $75 will provide a Family Welcome Kit for a mother arriving with her children.

Holiday Helpers

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The holidays came with a little “help” for two deserving families this season.

On November 24th the Toronto Raptors hosted a special event in support of Holiday Helpers − a volunteer run registered charity whose mission is to provide a one-time personalized Christmas package to low income families with young children who are trying to improve their circumstances.

Interval House nominated two deserving families to attend the event – families who we knew were working hard to make things better, and deserved a little extra special gift.

A festive holiday at Interval House


Thank you for your response to our Holiday mailing and for sending back the ornaments for our tree! The children at Interval House enjoyed colouring the ornaments and decorating our tree for the holidays. Your messages of cheer were gratefully received and filled the House with hope for a bright 2014!

Give her a soft place to fall

No matter her age, economic status, ethnic background or religion, each woman who has arrived at our door has felt the helplessness brought on by abuse. And because of your compassion and your involvement with Interval House, each one can be rescued and restored to a life of hope and peace.

Your gift is the first step in a changed life.

Happy 40th!


For 40 years Interval House has continued to make history alongside the women’s movement in Canada. It is with the support of incredible people like you that we have come so far in protecting women and girls, and advocating for their rights.

In the 1990s, Interval House started a groundbreaking program called Building Economic Self-Sufficiency (BESS). BESS is an employment program that helps abused women overcome their specific challenges. Over the years hundreds of women have taken the program, and many of them are on their own paths to success.

The Technology has changed. The problem hasn’t.

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Their partners scroll through their text messages. They inspect their call logs. They demand Skype and FaceTime check-ins as proof that their wives and girlfriends are where they say they are. The rise of GPS tracking within devices also raises concerns. It’s the downside of smartphone technology: Abusive husbands and boyfriends have a new way to control their partners.

Are you or someone you know being STALKED?

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Criminal harassment, more commonly known as STALKING, is a crime. Generally it consists of repeated conduct that is carried out over a period of time and which causes you to reasonably fear for your safety or the safety of someone known to you.

Stalking does not have to result in physical injury in order to make it a crime. The law protects you even if the conduct of the stalker is not done with the intent to scare you. It is enough if the conduct does scare you. This may be an advance warning of the possibility of future violent acts.

A Picnic in the Park

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 As the summer time ended, Interval House celebrated the warmth of August with a lovely picnic in Withrow Park. With over 80 past and current residents in attendance, along with staff and volunteers, this lively group had a chance to come together to enjoy some great food, games and entertainment!

"The technology has changed. The problem hasn’t."

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Cell phones, iPads, laptops. These and a variety of other technologies play a big role in our daily lives. We use them to go grocery shopping, keep our schedules in order, track our finances, and so much more. But as helpful as these technologies can be, they can also be used for a much darker purpose.

Structured Play

 Interval House currently houses 12 children, 10 of whom are under the age of 5. That’s a lot of little ones! As our kid count increased, the needs of the house changed.

As a result, we have added more childcare and kids programming.

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