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A Springtime Egg Hunt at Interval House

Springtime is here at last! At Interval House, the warmer weather means fun family trips to the local park, preparations for spring planting in our gardens, and setting goals for new beginnings. Last week, it also meant exciting spring festivities with some CIBC volunteers!

Our 2014 Gratitude Report is Now Online!

We’re warming up the winter with some good news from our Gratitude Report! The report is an update for you, our friends and supporters, who make a huge difference in the lives of women and children at our shelter.

Are Ontarians Apathetic to Domestic Violence?


Toronto, ON – March 4, 2015 – The highly publicized celebrity abuse cases in late 2014 resulted in an unprecedented public interest in the dialogue about ending violence against women and many believed it was a tipping point in changing attitudes. However, the spotlight has shifted and a new study commissioned by Interval House, Canada’s first shelter for abused women, shows that we still have a very long way to go.

Share a Stop Sign Selfie to #StopVAW

You may scoff, but there's no denying that selfies have taken over social media. As ubiquitous as cute cats and breathtaking sunsets, selfies have morphed into a form of self-documentation, a way of showing the world (or your 200 followers) who you are. Though sometimes deemed a simple form of narcissism, there’s no denying that selfies can make a statement.

If you're looking to up your selfie game, why not take one with a powerful message? Starting March 3rd, take part in our #StopVAW campaign to help encourage dialogue and end violence against women and children.

By the Numbers

What you - our donors - have helped accomplish.

This year, the numbers tell some remarkable stories.

Meet Bonnie Bell

Learn how monthly support benefits the women and children of Interval House

Bonnie grew up in a family that believed in putting beliefs into actions—and that meant giving back and trying to help others. “I really believe that the better we make other peoples’ lives, the better they make our lives because we all live in the same world,” she says.

Why Women Stay in Abusive Relationships

We've all seen the recent headlines with high profile allegations of domestic abuse. I can't count the number of times I've heard friends and family ask the same question of those stories: "why doesn't she just leave?"

Too many people assume that, if a woman is in an abusive relationship, she is making a choice to stay and she has the power to end the abuse if she just leaves.

Walk a day in my shoes

Programs you have helped to fund this year

“When women come to Interval House, I want them to be able to see themselves as more than victims and statistics,” says Paula, Supervisor for the Women and Children’s Program. “I want them to see that they are the leaders in their own lives.” Paula says the programs are never one-size-fits-all; they are customized to meet the needs and requests of individual Interval House families.

Valentine's Day Post: What Does a Healthy Relationship Look Like?

Love artwork

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, it seems that everyone has romance on their minds. Reminders of relationship happiness are everywhere—flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, and candies fill store shelves, and romance movies depicting the “perfect” relationship are part of couples’ Valentine’s Day plans. But what does a healthy relationship really look like? This Valentine’s season, we wanted to share some tips for how to spot a healthy relationship, and how you can identify an unhealthy or abusive relationship.

Speaking out against domestic violence: The Grammys and celebrity abusers

Amidst the fashion commentary, and glitz and glamour, last Sunday's Grammys featured a powerful message from an equally powerful source.

In a video recorded at the White House, U.S. President Obama shared a public service announcement asking the public to stop violence against women. Obama then asked artists and their fans to join “It’s On Us”, a campaign focused on ending gender-based assault on university campuses.

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