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45 Years & Volunteers!


This is a very momentous time for Interval House. Not only is it the middle of National Volunteer Week, it is also our Birthday month! Perhaps you’ve seen our posters up in the TTC this month, marking our 45th. How appropriate it is for these two occasions to collide, considering the important role volunteering has played in Interval House’s history.

Interval House & Link Toronto are Partners in Pet Safety

Interval House Partners with LinkToronto for SafePet

After several months of careful planning, Interval House is excited to announce our partnership with Link Toronto’s SafePet program. This program will match women survivors of abuse seeking emergency shelter with foster homes for their beloved pets for the duration of their stay at the shelter.

A Lifetime of Giving

A Lifetime of Giving

When Mahen Thacker was a young boy growing up in India, his mother taught him a very valuable lesson: the importance of giving to others.

“My father used to give her money for household expenses, and she would give some to me and say ‘Go do some charity work,’” Mahen explains.

The Greens' Full Circle Support of Interval House

The Greens' Full Circle Support of Interval House

It is with great appreciation that we announce a most generous gift to Interval House, made by three Toronto sisters: Karen, Donna and Lindy Green. Their combined contribution serves to retire the remaining mortgage held by Interval House, freeing more of our resources to provide essential programming for women survivors of intimate partner violence, and their children. 

Healing through Art

Healing through Art.jpg

Many women come to Interval House so wounded and traumatized they can’t even describe it. They’re not ready or able to talk about their experiences. They don’t want to relive their trauma by recounting it to a counsellor. Sometimes, they’ve been living with abuse for so long they don’t even completely recognize it.

Nourishing Women in Need

Nourishing women in need.jpg

For Pam Pridham, food is more than just fuel. The owner of Toronto’s DISH café and cooking studio fervently believes food is love, sharing, giving, conversation and nourishment for both body and soul.

That’s why Pam started a program at DISH called Pay It Forward. Corporate groups come to DISH and work together to make delicious meals that are then delivered to the families at Interval House, giving the women a much appreciated night off from cooking.

Empowering Li to Turn a Nightmare Into a Dream

Li's Dream

When Li first immigrated to Canada, She was filled with optimism and hope for the life she was pursuing in a promising new country. She came here for love—to be with her husband in joy and prosperity. But she quickly learned that she was not getting the life she signed up for.

Marjan’s Story—Escaping Abuse & Ending the Cycle of Violence

Marjan and Two Young Kids

The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is underway to put a spotlight on the global issue of violence against women (VAW). VAW  takes many forms—intimate partner violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, gender-based discrimination, human trafficking and so much more. These 16 days, spanning from the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on November 25 to Human Rights Day on December 10, brings the issue of VAW born of a patriarchal society to the forefront, with stats and statements dominating every social media feed.

Do you Think Women Deserve Better? Me Too!


The #metoo campaign, originally created by activist Tarana Burke in 2007, picked up steam this week when Alyssa Milano urged women to use the hashtag in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein accusations that have rocked Hollywood.

Creating Opportunities for Survivors of Abuse

FRPO Blog Post-2017-08-24.jpg

An abusive relationship can have long-lasting effects on a survivor’s ability to thrive. Left with the scars of abandonment, broken self-esteem, shame, and trauma, moving on can be a daunting prospect. It can feel practically impossible, especially without support.

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