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What are the causes of domestic violence?

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What are the most important factors that contribute to abusive behaviour?

In February of this year, Interval House posed this question to Ontarians through an Angus Reid Omnibus Survey. We let them answer in their own words: what did they think the reason was that people become abusive?

Based on their responses, we created a word cloud, which shows the prevalence of different words in respondents’ answers: the bigger the word, the more commonly it appeared in answers to our question.

Do you Think Women Deserve Better? Me Too!


The #metoo campaign, originally created by activist Tarana Burke in 2007, picked up steam this week when Alyssa Milano urged women to use the hashtag in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein accusations that have rocked Hollywood.

Creating Opportunities for Survivors of Abuse

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An abusive relationship can have long-lasting effects on a survivor’s ability to thrive. Left with the scars of abandonment, broken self-esteem, shame, and trauma, moving on can be a daunting prospect. It can feel practically impossible, especially without support.

Meet the Mandels: Intergenerational Giving

Meet the Mandels: Intergenerational Giving

Ruth has been donating to Interval House for years. She started as a young feminist by donating books and clothing to the shelter. Later in life, when she tried to get out of her own marriage, which eventually did end, she gained more insight into why women might choose to stay in problematic relationships.

Debunking Myths: New Ad Campaign Challenges Perceptions

Debunking Myths: New Ad Campaign Challenges Perceptions

When a partner in a romantic relationship is controlling and possessive, it’s not charming or passionate—it’s a sign of abuse. And knowing when it’s time to “get away” can be a much more complex decision than many people realize.

Volunteer Corner

Volunteer Corner

When people meet Nisha they notice two things: she’s always smiling and she’s a very good listener. But for a while, Nisha was holding a lot inside.

She grew up in a family that believed in helping other people. Even simple things like opening the door or getting a coffee for someone. So when she started Women and Gender Studies in university, she decided to become a volunteer for a couple of hours a week at Interval House. At first it was part of a school project, but she found it meaningful and she wanted to continue.

Interval House—the First Shelter for Abused Women and Children in Canada

Interval House—the First Shelter for Abused Women and Children in Canada

“It's important to engage in hopeful practices. We expect so much of women who are trying to leave abusive relationships—that they should have hope for the future. We have to do our work with hope too. Donors have their own reasons for believing in hope. It affirms the women’s courage.”

– Lynn Zimmer, one of the 11 founders of Interval House

Summer is here!


Summer is here and school is finally out! The kids are always thrilled to have a two month break but it can be challenging for parents to find ways to keep their young ones busy and engaged. Luckily, the city of Toronto has so many fun and affordable, family-friendly activities to offer all summer long! There will be plenty of opportunity to make some great memories with family and friends. Here are a few ideas:

Movies in Toronto Parks

2016 Annual Report

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We are so proud of the work we do and thankful for all our supporters and allies!

Download our 2016 Annual Report to find our what's been going on at Interval House over the past year.

Mother's Day at Interval House

Mother's Day at Interval House

Sunday, May 14th will mark Mother’s Day in North America. It’s the day we celebrate the women who care for us, love us, support us, and stand by us. Every mother is unique, as are the ways that we celebrate moms around the world. In Australia, mothers, aunts, and grandmothers receive beautiful red carnations or chrysanthemums. In Brazil, some families host multi-generational barbecues to honour and celebrate their mothers. Ethiopia takes 3 days to celebrate their mothers with the Antrosht festival at the end of the autumn rainy season.    

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