September 2016

The challenges of starting a new school when you live in a shelter….


When women arrive at our shelter with their children, they’re given the opportunity to change where their children go to school. Some women decide to change their children’s school because they are coming from a distance. This eliminates the stress of a long commute to school.

How to speak to someone you know who is being abused by their partner

Two people's hands coming together to form a heart

You may know someone who has been abused by their partner. It can be devastating to see someone you care about being hurt. You may be able to spot the signs of abusive behavior. However, the person being abused may not be able to or want to leave.  So how can you help in this type of situation?

Financial Abuse: Another Way Abusers Keep Women from Leaving


Many people think of physical or verbal abuse when they define domestic violence. But financial abuse is an important—but often overlooked—aspect of abusive relationships. What is financial abuse and how can a woman get help if she’s experiencing financial abuse?

What is financial abuse?