July 2016

Domestic Violence and Guns: Canada’s Unspoken Problem


At Interval House, we hear countless stories from women who have survived and fled domestic violence. We hear stories about abusive partners who pointed a gun at them and threatened that if they ever leave, they won’t live to see another day. And unfortunately, death threats are not uncommon when it comes to an abusive relationship. It’s another reason why women feel like they can’t leave.

Meet Shirin: Part 5

Shirin Group Counselling.jpg

Group Counselling

Recently, we introduced you to Shirin, one of our long-time Women’s Counsellor Advocates. Each month, we’ve been shadowing Shirin to give you an idea of what a day’s work is like as a counsellor at Interval House.

While women live at Interval House, they attend group counselling sessions twice weekly: on Mondays and Thursdays. These counselling groups cover a wide variety of topics from self-esteem, the cycle of abuse, and healthy relationships to time management and budgeting.

Celebrating Women Entering the Workforce: The 2016 BESS Reunion and Graduation

BESS Reunion 2016.jpg

On June 22nd, Interval House hosted the 6th Annual BESS Reunion and Graduation to honor past and present program graduates. It was an emotional night that inspired everyone who attended and made them proud to be a part of the BESS program.