September 2015

Meet our Volunteers: Yannique


Volunteer Profile: Yannique

What motivates you to be a volunteer?

My desire to help others and positively contribute to my community. Volunteering is a humbling experience, which I am grateful to have.   

How has your volunteer position at Interval House helped you in your own professional and/or personal growth?

Interval House goes to the Ex!

Interval House at the CNE

Summers are often times for family reunions. This is always the case at Interval House: each summer, we host a special reunion event for residents and ex-residents to reconnect and celebrate.

This year, we decided to go to the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) for our special summer event. Current and past residents from Interval House joined our counsellors at the CNE a few weeks ago for a day of fun in the sun. For many of the women and kids, it was their first trip to this classic Toronto family tradition. 

Back to school at Interval House

school supplies

September is here! At Interval House, that means that our home will be a little quieter during the day, with most of the kids back to school. 

What does going back to school look like for a kid at Interval House? 

Most of the kids in our shelter need to switch schools when they come to Interval House. Staying at their old school would make it easy for an abuser to locate them and their mom, so we help them transfer for their safety. 

FRPO Putts for Interval House

Golf course

As we’ve mentioned before, summer is often a time when we’re in greatest need at Interval House. With more families seeking a safe haven, and the children out of school, it’s often one of our busiest times when we’re most desperately in need of support.