July 2014

BESS Program Profile

“The seed you plant may look small but it has deep roots and will grow into a mighty tree.” – BESS graduate.

Our Building Economic Self-Sufficiency (BESS) program began nearly 20 years ago, when we asked ourselves, “What’s missing? What’s stopping women from leaving their abusers?” We asked this question to our past residents and other shelter workers. And we heard the answer loud and clear: poverty.

4th Annual BESS Graduation Ceremony


“BESS helped me to envision a bright future.” – BESS Valedictorian.

On June 17th, 2014, Interval House hosted its 4th Annual BESS Graduation Ceremony. The ceremony was a wonderful opportunity to honour all of the women who graduated from our Building Economic Self Sufficiency (BESS) program in the last year.

Transition Activities

As exciting as it is for families at Interval House to embark on their journey toward independence, the transition out of the shelter can be a challenging time.

During their time at Interval House, families form very close bonds with one another. And it can be hard to part ways with their new found friends. This is why our counsellors work hard to help make the transition out of our shelter as smooth as possible.